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The BRF Thailand Operation in Thailand

BRF Thailand was established in 1991 and is today, one of Thailand's largest fully integrated chicken processors. We are a leader in the manufacture of "value added fully cooked chicken products" for the worldwide market.

BRF Thailand is split into 3 key areas; Agriculture, Slaughterhouse or Primary Manufacturing and Further Processing which is sometimes known as added value.

In 2011, we have built a new further processing factory and doubling our facilities for further cooked products.


Selected Products

Coated/ Fried Products
Roasted/ Grilled Products
Skewered Products
Steamed Products


Standard & Certificate


19th August 2016
BRF Cooperates with Thai Government and the Poultry Industry to Enhance Good Labour Practices

27th-28th January 2016
Handover ceremony GFS to BRF

6th January 2016
The opening ceremony of Feed Mill Plant

Place : Lopburi, Thailand

13th May 2015
Donation to Nepal Earthquake victims via Thai Red Cross Society

Place : Thai Red Cross Society

26th April 2015
Sponsor prize for Red Cross fair year 2015 in Nakorn Nayok province

Place : Nakorn Nayok Province